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Kyu is a medication tracker app meant for people on the move and with other things to think about besides when was the last time your child had their medication. Simple and accessible, the app is meant to be easy for anyone to use and is almost fully customizable with the background, text, and colors being editable. 


I worked with my mother, who takes care of a chronically ill member of our family, and collaborated with her to figure out what would be most useful in an app. How did she use her phone? What applications? What were some pain points? Doing this research with her and also using accessibility checkers allowed me to set a good base for a project that I want to fully build out with all the possible uses I and other people can imagine. This project was helpful for learning Figma and beginning to get more comfortable with UX/UI. 

UX/UI            Branding            


Student Designer

Logo, UI Visual Language, App Displays, Research

The Logos were inspired by medical illustrations and clean design. I wanted the logo to feel comforting but strong and reliable


Below is the visual language and process of Kyu. The visual language shows the final color palettes, typography, icons, visual elements, and more. The color palette is extensive because I wanted to take into consideration the different types of color blindness and allow for some creative freedom when choosing colors for medication tags. Giving this freedom to the user means that they can choose the combinations best for them and their eyesight or even just their desire to choose a color that they feel corresponds with a medication. 

The process shows the mood board/inspiration, screen grabs of Figma and XD and examples of guidelines that I used. 

Artboard 4 copy 8.png

Reflection: I think that I still have a lot to learn and I am looking forward to growing with this project. I hope to use this base that I set as a way to expand my UX/UI knowledge and create better systems in the future. I am going to continue with this project over the summer and make it even better! I hope to send out surveys and get information from people who would appreciate an app like this. I feel like this project was a good step into learning how to design WITH rather than FOR people. 



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